Leupold VX-5HD Riflescope 3-15x44mm, 30mm Tube, Boone & Crockett, CDS-ZL2 Side Focus

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Leupold VX-5HD Riflescope 3-15x44mm, 30mm Tube


Leupold VX-5HD Riflescope 3-15x44mm, 30mm Tube is taking optical performance to a different level. Designed to give a High-Definition optical system for sharpened clarity. The Twilight Light Management System, designed for even greater low-light performance, therefore, giving hunters a visible advantage at dawn and dusk when the biggest game moves. The CDS-ZL2 (Custom Dial System ZeroLock 2) elevation dial locks in place so it cannot be inadvertently rotated off zero. A mere press of a button will allow the user to dial up two turns of elevation, if necessary. On the 2nd revolution of the elevation dial, the button sinks in to show you are on the 2nd turn, consequently, providing a dial for extended ranges and never lose your place. Finally, the covered pop-up windage dial provides fast and accurate sight-in and easy rezero. All VX-5HD CDS-ZL2 riflescopes include one free Custom Ballistic Dial with purchase. FireDot illuminated reticles provide daylight bright, red dot-like performance with an easy to use 1 button intensity adjustment.

  Leupold VX-5HD Riflescope 3-15x44mm, 30mm Tube   Features:

– 1/4 MOA Finger Click: Finger click adjustments for windage and elevation (¼-MOA) offer absolute repeatability and dependability over a lifetime of extreme use (metric adjustments – 1 cm per click
– 30mm Maintube
– 5:1 Zoom Ratio
– Blackened Lens Edges: Blackened lens edges reduce unwanted glare and diffusion through the lens edges, therefore,  providing better resolution, improved contrast and superior optical performance.
– CDS-ZL2 Zero Lock Adjustment with Revolution Indicator
– Extended Battery Life

– FireDot Illumination:

Select models are available with our exclusive FireDot Reticle System in your choice of FireDot Duplex, FireDot Circle, Ballistic FireDot, FireDot LR Duplex, FireDot 4, FireDot Pig Plex, FireDot TMR and FireDot SPR. Finally, the dot within the reticle illuminates with bright, sharp definition, while the rest of the reticle remains non-illuminated. This combination leads your eye naturally to the center aiming point and makes target acquisition quick, precise, and simple.
– Guard-Ion Rain shedding coating: Water, dirt and fingerprint shedding lens coating, hence, extremely durable and scratch resistant.
– Side Focus
– Twilight Max Light Management System: Light management means delivering usable light to your eye and forming a crisp, high contrasting image. Lens coatings are applied that maximize light transmission in blue colors.  Your eye becomes more sensitive to blue in low light and Red colors are also maximized. They dominate scenes in typical hunting situations and finally, balancing colors to develop the highest possible contrast. Glare,  controlled with special mechanical structures. Consequently, antler tines become visible in dark shadows long after the competition has gone home.
– Twin Bias Spring Erector System


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