Half Circle Tactical-Optics, Knives, Shooting Accessories

Half Circle Tactical – This is who we are

Montana ranchers and Marine Veterans bring you quality optics, knives, firearm accessories, tactical and survival equipment. At Half Circle Tactical, we use what we sell.  In addition, we offer many of these optics, knives, and  shooting accessories at the very lowest prices which our manufactures allow us to sell.  Especially relevant; first time buyers receive a 10% discount for requesting a newsletter .  Half Circle Tactical offers our customer all the manufactures’ rebates and passes all these discounts on to our customers.

Manufactures of our Optics, Knives, Shooting Accessories

Many noteable labels include Leupold, LaserMax, FLIR, Burris, Streamlight, Adventure Medical, Wise Foods, Trijicon, Leica Optics and many more. Staff members and owners test and use our tactical gear and optics, knives, shooting accessories at our Marine/Veteran Weapons Range.  Testing these products provides a necessary step in determining the level of usefulness each item provides for you. Furthermore, you must be prepared at all times for emergency situations which may affect you, your family and your friends.

Our staff provides quality products you need to prepare for those events.  Finally, in addition, many other shooting and tactical equipment items are available to competitive shooters and campers through our Tactical Equipment sources.  Contact our personnel for assistance in locating those products you cannot find but need to complete your preparations.

Share, like and spread the URL around.  Half Circle Tactical  will also be having newsletters, Instagram, UTube and other instructive materials. Check it out at: https://hctactical.co/product/eliminator-iii4x-16x-50mmwwired-remote/  and Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/hctactical/

Finally, request a for the newsletter and share with all your friends. Designated donations go to our local Marines and Warriors in Quiet Waters.

In addition, we also raise and sell the highest quality Grass Fed Piedmontese Beef here on the ranch.  Check out this site for some tender, delicious beef at  http://www.grassfedpiedmontesebeef.com/

Remember, we want you be prepared, to protect what you value. God Bless this great America.